The Spanish Association of Nursing in Cardiology (AEEC) was born by a group of nurses of coronary units of Spanish hospitals who were conscious that it was necessary to group themselves with a common objective: the recognition of Nursing in Cardiology as Speciality.

In 1997, they met for the first time in the Provincial Hospital of Madrid, forming a commission to transact the legalization of the Association. In June of 1978, the first scientific session was celebrated in the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona. This session was recognized by the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC). In October of 1978, was celebrated the 1st National Congress of Nursing in Cardiology, in the Hospital “Ramon y Cajal” of Madrid. In 1979, the Spanish Ministry of Labour recognizes the Association legally and in February of 1982, we were recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs as a SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION.

The first number of our journal appeared in 1995, with the title “Informative Bulletin” («Boletín Informativo»). The Spanish Association of Nursing in Cardiology comes into internet in 1998, through the web page of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC). In December of 1999 we released our own web page. From 2001 we get in touch with other nurses of Spanish speech, through our newsgroup. In 2001 we have gotten our own dominion in Internet.