By Ana Palou Chárlez, associated no. 0755

The logo of the Association was introduced in the Congress of Santander in 1997.

This is the authors’ explanation about their design:

It began like a game, like an amusement in a moment that there was not too work. All we felt absolutely motivated and we built up hopes about the idea of designing a logo for the Association. There were a lot of ideas and, most of them, good ones; so I think that the logo belongs a little to all, because all my companions influenced in any hue, in the configuration, in the form, in the colors…, and also it form part of them.

I try to design something different, that it needs an explanation in order to be understood, that it surprises and that it excels a conventional form, because it is then when appears the charm and the magic in the drawing.

The blue color on the right represents the veined heart, the red color on the left respresents the arterial one, and the yellow is the flame of Florence Nightingale, symbol of Nursing. The most peculiar and different thing of this this logo is precisely this mediator displayed, because it is harmonizing the structure, concluding the form and creating movement. It is the symbol of the hope, of the persistence, of the intensity, of the heat, of the fire, of the anxieties, of the life.

Without being limited for any another veined or arterial structure, it is there, executing their function, a vital function, because without our flame the heart is transformed in something inert, it lose all form, all harmony, and it become something purely organic.

At the beginning, I know that it couldn’t be very nice, but I hope that if you know its meaning you will change your opinion. I am very grateful and happy that this logo represents to a lot of professionals that they wish that their figure be like a flame.