Nursing in Hemodynamics

foto04The Working Group of Nursing in Hemodynamics, of the Spanish Association of Nursing in Cardiology (AEEC), is the oldest and numerous working group that have been formed within our Association. The working group consists of nurses who are working in hemodynamics units of Spanish hospitals.

foto03The exchange of professional and personal experiences that represent the Working Group and their scientific meetings not only contribute directly and indirectly, to the best possible care, but also encourage continuing education and provide an incentive for scientific research.

The Working Group meets every year, coinciding with the annual meetings of the Section of Interventional Cardiology and foto02Hemodynamics (SHCI) of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC). In addition, the Working
Group organizes round tables under the annual National Congress of Nursing in Cardiology, organized by the AEEC. The SEC, meanwhile, in its annual National Congress, called the AEEC to joint round tables, where it is not uncommon that hemodynamics is one of the topics discussed. The papers and presentations at scientific meetings are an excellent opportunity to share experiences and knowledge regarding the attention and care to patients.

In the field of education, our Working Group organizes or participates in training courses of our discipline. The members of our Working Group are involved in research studies and publish articles in our journal, “Nursing in Cardiology”, as well as in other scientific publications.